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Passionate About Total Security Management

ZeroDayLab® is Passionate about ‘Total Customer Satisfaction’ consistently delivered across our IT Security Services.

We work strategically with our clients as their trusted security partner of choice delivering ‘Continuous IT Security Improvement’. We utilise the very best people, processes and technology to deliver consistency and quality; on time, every time, and in budget.

At ZeroDayLab®, we believe that our holistic approach for our clients is unique in our industry and delivers improved strategic business alignment, elevated total cost of ownership and real return on investment.

Every year, we undertake bespoke assignments all over the world for leading organisations in a wide range of sectors such as Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Retail, E-Commerce, Telco, Travel, Logistics and Defence.


Major EE Vulnerability Discovered by ZeroDayLab

ZeroDayLab discovers major new vulnerability in EE 4G Mini WiFi Modem that significantly weakens EE customers defenses against cyber-attack.

Read full details of the vulnerability and the action that EE customers must now take to apply the patch now.



The Emergence of a New Social Engineer

Cyber criminals remain a very real and active threat to organisations and are continually evolving their methods to stay ahead of those looking to protect against cyber attack. One of the most effective tools in a cyber criminal’s toolbox is social engineering, where attackers use psychology and predictable human behaviour to manipulate individuals, either to carry out actions or to divulge information that can be leveraged in a successful cyber attack.


Cyber Threat Bulletin

CTF: Cyber Threat & Future Bulletin

ZeroDayLab's monthly CTF Bulletin focuses on the threats on the landscape and the future for cyber security and business at large.

Each month we will bring you some of the latest articles and more interesting articles and alerts in the security world, across global media.

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