Incident Response Preparedness

Cyber Incident Prevention Training, Planning & Support

Incident Response Preparedness is designed to raise your organisation’s resilience in the event of a breach to minimise the impact of an attack. Pre-Breach preparation is key and this is why we focus totally on Pre-Breach only services. Assessing your capacity for managing an incident and setting the processes and training in place to manage them before they happen, are core to the ZeroDayLab approach for Incident Management. From Policy Reviews & Creation to Assessments to Runbook Creation to Training and Desktop Simulations, preparing for the attack before it strikes protects business continuity and reduces the level of monetary damage that could occur.

Only 11% of businesses have invested in Threat Intelligence to identify Cyber Security risks in the last 12 months*

46% of all UK businesses identified at least one breach or attack in the last 12 months*


Reduce the impact of an attack through training and response planning. Identify attack scenarios and define processes for response, tailored to your organisational needs. Train team members from across departments, from Security and IT to the Board & Communications, to work in a cohesive unit to help you protect your customers and financial and reputational position.


How ready is your organisation for an attack? Get attack-ready by assessing the process and response gaps in your business - before an attack happens. Ideally assessments should take place on an annual basis to accommodate for team and business structure changes.


The most effective way to understand if your organisation is prepared for a significant cyber incident is to regularly test your incident plan, runbooks, controls and how your teams respond through both desktop and technical incident simulations.

Incident Response (IR) Preparedness Packages

Attackers are evolving tactics constantly and Incident Response Preparedness activities should be conducted every year to ensure you are ready for those perfect storms. For on-going resilience, our annual plans help businesses ensure that their incident planning and preparation stays current with changes in business strategy, departments, teams, and the latest threats.

We suggest three different levels of Packages but can of course create a Bespoke Package as well. Pricing is determined by many factors such as the size of organisation, number of participants in certain activities, the current cyber maturity of the business, existence of policies and/or Incident Response Plan etc...


The Complete Package of Full Incident Response Preparedness through Reviews, Creation, Training and Desktop as well as Technical IR simulation, and Dark Web Analysis includes:

  • IR Management Review – Policy/Plan Creation
  • Runbook Review/Creation & Training
  • First Responder Training
  • Digital Forensics Fundamentals Training
  • Desktop IR Scenario Training
  • IR Capability Assessment
  • Technical IR Simulation
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)/Cyber Threat Assessment

A Mid-Level Package to ensure more than the basics are covered includes:

  • IR Management Review – Policy/Plan Creation
  • Runbook Review/Creation & Training
  • First Responder Training
  • Digital Forensics Fundamentals
  • Desktop IR Scenario Testing

Entry Level Package to get started with a Review, Policies and Training to include:

  • IR Management Review – Policy/Plan Creation
  • Runbook Review/Creation & Training

Maybe your organisation already has certain items in place?
We can create a Bespoke Pre-Breach Package right for you.

At ZeroDayLab, every day is spent helping make our client’s infrastructure, applications, and data more secure through the intelligent combination of services from highly trained consultants and leading edge, complementary security technologies.

At ZeroDayLab, we take a holistic approach to Total Security Management. Our skilled and experienced consultants can provide help, advice, training and support on a whole range of IT security solutions such as:

Vulnerability Assessment of Desktop, Servers, and Infrastructure
Penetration Testing of all Internal / External Web Applications and Infrastructure
Broad Security Review (Architecture and Infrastructure)
Source Code Reviews
Firewall Audits
Desktop and Server Build Reviews
Blockchain Application Security Audits
Digital Forensic Analysis
Security Awareness Programmes
Security Training for Developers – Secure Coding School, CBT, Online Assessment
Pre-Breach Incident Response & Runbook Training
Phishing Resilience Programmes
Bespoke Senior Executive Security Training
Red Team Testing
PCI DSS Remediation Support
Gap Analysis to
360° Assessment
Virtual Data Protection Officer
ISO / NIST / EU GDPR Standards Alignment
Internal Audits
Supplier Evaluation Risk Management
Threat Intelligence - Deep & Dark Web
Protective Monitoring (Managed SOC) Security Risk Training for Agile Developers
IR Preparedness
(Full package of pre-breach services)
Business Continuity Management Cloud Security Configuration Review

Our team looks forward to sharing our vision with you and helping you to defend against the malicious attacks that come from both inside and outside of your environment.

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