ZeroDayResponse – Incident Management

The 360° Approach to Incident Planning and Breach Protection

Data breaches have become a normal way of life and are here to stay with 9 out of 10 large organisations now suffering some form of security breach yet only 33% of companies have a cyber or data breach response plan. As the implementation of EU GDPR gets closer it is clear that there is a lot of work still to do to ensure the protection of data, customers, revenues and reputation.

Developing Cyber Resilience for your Organisation

ZeroDayResponse is a service designed to enable your organisation to contain the impact of a breach and minimise financial, data and reputational losses by preparing you before the cyber criminals hit.

We help you through the most critical of times by combining pre-breach planning and training with comprehensive post-breach incident response and support when an attack occurs. Our methodology is based on the leading global industry best practice standards:

  • ISO 27035
  • ACPO Guidelines
  • NIST 800-61

Key Features of ZeroDayResponse

The three levels of ZeroDayResponse packages are designed to mould to the unique needs of an organisation and its IT Security maturity level: Silver for on-demand breach remediation only; and Gold & Platinum retainer packages offering additional services including training, strategic communications and digital forensics.

Pre-Breach Services

Post-Breach Services

  • Digital Forensics Readiness Assessment
  • Cyber Response Capability Assessment
  • Incident Risk Assessment
  • Strategic Communications Advice
  • Training
  • ZeroDayResponse Incident Management
    • Penetration Testing
    • Network Forensics
    • Incident Management
    • Incident Escalation & Logging
    • Incident Reports
    • Remediation Planning
  • Digital Forensics Investigation
  • Crisis Communications Assistance
  • Legal Assistance