Cyber Security Technology Solutions

The Cyber-threat environment is changing constantly. For on-going resilience, organisations need to ensure their technology strategy is up-to-speed with current requirements and that their system implementation is optimised.

ZeroDayLab takes a systemic approach to IT Security solutions. Unlike a pure reseller that is uniquely interested in their individual solution and how it works, ZeroDayLab takes a holistic longer-term approach.

Not tied to any one solution provider, ZeroDayLab provides independent, agnostic consultancy on the best technologies to move your organisation up the Security Maturity Curve.

As your added-value Information Security Solution Partner, ZeroDayLab’s strategy is to deliver Continuous Security Improvement for your organisation. By applying GRC, technical and threat intelligence expertise and consultancy, ZeroDayLab works with you to strategically review and assess your organisation’s requirements to find the solutions that are the most effective and deliver return-on-investment.

As an organisation, we provide Managed Services as well as the direct implementation of solutions. Our Managed Services such as Protective Monitoring via our SOC, Supplier Evaluation Risk Management (SERM) and Cyber Threat Intelligence, aim to reduce the cost of ownership and raise overall efficiency.

Our ethos is to work with the leading-edge solutions in the market to consistently keep you ahead of the cyber criminals.