Supplier Evaluation Risk Management

Identifying & Reducing Supply Chain Risk

Your organisation’s information security measures are only as strong as their weakest link and it is often your network of suppliers, partners and associates that can be overlooked when it comes to risk evaluation.

52% of businesses never conduct incident response planning for third party supply chains...

…yet, over 40% of insider threats came from third parties and partners.

Supplier risk is real and requires increasingly proactive management in a challenging economic environment. ZeroDayLab’s Supplier Evaluation Risk Management Solution helps you overcome common barriers to effective supplier management by providing an automated approach, evaluating current risks and helping you manage risk and suppliers more efficiently, thus delivering greater ROI and reduced risk for the business.

Driving Faster Supplier Evaluation

SERM features a blend of software tools, project management and consultancy resources delivering a solution tailor-made around your organisation’s pain points enabling you to:

  • Analyse Your Full Supply Chain: a scalable solution enabling analysis of your full supplier chain rather than just those deemed immediately critical.
  • Save Time: automated questionnaires replicated across functions gather information quickly in one central system rather than multiple spreadsheets across the business.
  • Save Money: reduce your resource overhead, or remove the need for dedicated in-house resource.
  • Improve Accuracy: and reduce risk through a standardised, systematic approach that clearly flags potential risk factors and eliminates spreadsheet error.
  • Improve Risk Analysis and Reporting: the easy-to-use Management Dashboard gathers results and analysis by function and across the organisation without the pain of compiling and analysing multiple spreadsheets and reports.
  • Improve Processes: to help towards ISO accreditation.

ZeroDayLab’s SERM solution makes the supplier risk management process simpler and more efficient. Whether you are looking for a fully outsourced service, a hybrid approach or software only, we can help you devise the best process for your organisation.

For further information please download our SERM brochure using the menu on the right or ask your Account Director for more details and a demonstration at [email protected]