Westermo MRD-315 1.7.3 and 1.7.4 devices have an information disclosure vulnerability that allows an authenticated remote attacker to retrieve the source code of different functions of the web application via requests that lack certain mandatory parameters. This affects ifaces-diag.asp, system.asp, backup.asp, sys-power.asp, ifaces-wls.asp, ifaces-wls-pkt.asp, and ifaces-wls-pkt-adv.asp.Read more >>

An issue was discovered in Amcrest Web Server 2.520.AC00.18.R 2017-06-29 WEB The login page responds with JavaScript when one tries to authenticate. An attacker who changes the result parameter (to true) in this JavaScript code can bypass authentication and achieve limited privileges (ability to see every option but not modify them).Read more >>

The LearnDash LMS plugin before 3.1.2 for WordPress allows XSS via the ld-profile search field.Read more >>

The Ultimate FAQ plugin before 1.8.30 for WordPress allows XSS via Display_FAQ to Shortcodes/DisplayFAQs.php.Read more >>

Cacti 1.2.8 has stored XSS in data_sources.php, color_templates_item.php, graphs.php, graph_items.php, lib/api_automation.php, user_admin.php, and user_group_admin.php, as demonstrated by the description parameter in data_sources.php (a raw string from the database that is displayed by $header to trigger the XSS).Read more >>

async.c and dict.c in libhiredis.a in hiredis through 0.14.0 allow a NULL pointer dereference because malloc return values are unchecked.Read more >>

The chained-quiz plugin for WordPress has reflected XSS via the wp-admin/admin-ajax.php total_questions parameter.Read more >>

** DISPUTED ** data_input.php in Cacti 1.2.8 allows remote code execution via a crafted Input String to Data Collection -> Data Input Methods -> Unix -> Ping Host. NOTE: the vendor has stated "This is a false alarm."Read more >>

Hikvision DVR DS-7204HGHI-F1 V4.0.1 build 180903 Web Version sends a different response for failed ISAPI/Security/sessionLogin/capabilities login attempts depending on whether the user account exists, which might make it easier to enumerate users. However, only about 4 or 5 failed logins are allowed.Read more >>

MmsValue_decodeMmsData in mms/iso_mms/server/mms_access_result.c in libIEC61850 through 1.4.0 has a heap-based buffer overflow when parsing the MMS_BIT_STRING data type.Read more >>

In the Linux kernel 4.14 longterm through 4.14.165 and 4.19 longterm through 4.19.96 (and 5.x before 5.2), there is a use-after-free (write) in the i915_ppgtt_close function in drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_gem_gtt.c, aka CID-7dc40713618c. This is related to i915_gem_context_destroy_ioctl in drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_gem_context.c.Read more >>

The WordPress plugin, WP Database Reset through 3.1, contains a flaw that allowed any unauthenticated user to reset any table in the database to the initial WordPress set-up state (deleting all site content stored in that table), as demonstrated by a wp-admin/admin-post.php?db-reset-tables[]=comments URI.Read more >>

The WordPress plugin, WP Database Reset through 3.1, contains a flaw that gave any authenticated user, with minimal permissions, the ability (with a simple wp-admin/admin.php?db-reset-tables[]=users request) to escalate their privileges to administrator while dropping all other users from the table.Read more >>

In Wireshark 3.0.x before 3.0.8, the BT ATT dissector could crash. This was addressed in epan/dissectors/packet-btatt.c by validating opcodes.Read more >>

In Wireshark 3.2.x before 3.2.1, the WASSP dissector could crash. This was addressed in epan/dissectors/packet-wassp.c by using >= and <= to resolve off-by-one errors.Read more >>

tcp_emu in tcp_subr.c in libslirp 4.1.0, as used in QEMU 4.2.0, mismanages memory, as demonstrated by IRC DCC commands in EMU_IRC. This can cause a heap-based buffer overflow or other out-of-bounds access which can lead to a DoS or potential execute arbitrary code.Read more >>

An XXE vulnerability in JnlpSupport in Yet Another Java Service Wrapper (YAJSW) 12.14, as used in NSA Ghidra and other products, allows attackers to exfiltrate data from remote hosts and potentially cause denial-of-service.Read more >>

An issue was discovered on Cayin SMP-PRO4 devices. They allow image_preview.html?filename= reflected XSS.Read more >>

An issue was discovered on Cayin SMP-PRO4 devices. A user can discover a saved password by viewing the URL after a Connection String Test. This password is shown in the webpass parameter of a media_folder.cgi?apply_mode=ping_server URI.Read more >>

A privilege escalation issue was discovered in the postUser function in HashBrown CMS through 1.3.3. An editor user can change the password hash of an admin user's account, or otherwise reconfigure that account.Read more >>

A remote code execution issue was discovered in HashBrown CMS through 1.3.3. Server/Entity/Deployer/GitDeployer.js has a Service.AppService.exec call that mishandles the URL, repository, username, and password.Read more >>

V6.0.10P2T2 and V6.0.10P2T5 of F6x2W product are impacted by Information leak vulnerability. Unauthorized users could log in directly to obtain page information without entering a verification code.Read more >>

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