The SHAREit application before 4.0.36 for Android allows a remote attacker (on the same network or joining public "open" Wi-Fi hotspots created by the application when file transfer is initiated) to bypass authentication by trying to fetch a non-existing page. When the non-existing page is requested, the application responds with a 200 status code and empty page, and adds the requesting client device into the list of recognized devices.Read more >>

The SHAREit application before 4.0.42 for Android allows a remote attacker (on the same network or joining public "open" Wi-Fi hotspots created by the application when file transfer is initiated) to download arbitrary files from the device including contacts, photos, videos, sound clips, etc. The attacker must be authenticated as a "recognized device."Read more >>

In SQLite 3.27.2, interleaving reads and writes in a single transaction with an fts5 virtual table will lead to a NULL Pointer Dereference in fts5ChunkIterate in sqlite3.c. This is related to ext/fts5/fts5_hash.c and ext/fts5/fts5_index.c.Read more >>

In SQLite 3.27.2, running fts5 prefix queries inside a transaction could trigger a heap-based buffer over-read in fts5HashEntrySort in sqlite3.c, which may lead to an information leak. This is related to ext/fts5/fts5_hash.c.Read more >>

Caret before 2019-02-22 allows Remote Code Execution.

S-CMS PHP v1.0 has XSS in via the S_id parameter.Read more >>

rbash in Bash before 4.4-beta2 did not prevent the shell user from modifying BASH_CMDS, thus allowing the user to execute any command with the permissions of the shell.Read more >>

pax_decode_header in sparse.c in GNU Tar before 1.32 had a NULL pointer dereference when parsing certain archives that have malformed extended headers.Read more >>

GetSimpleCMS 3.3.13 has an Open Redirect via the admin/index.php redirect parameter.Read more >>

The yop-poll plugin before 6.0.3 for WordPress has wp-admin/admin.php?page=yop-polls&action=view-votes poll_id XSS.Read more >>

The wp-live-chat-support plugin before 8.0.18 for WordPress has wp-admin/admin.php?page=wplivechat-menu-gdpr-page term XSS.Read more >>

The wp-google-maps plugin before 7.10.43 for WordPress has XSS via the wp-admin/admin.php PATH_INFO.Read more >>

The social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g plugin before 4.2.8 for WordPress has wp-admin/admin.php?page=nxssnap-reposter&action=edit item XSS.Read more >>

The kingcomposer plugin 2.7.6 for WordPress has wp-admin/admin.php?page=kc-mapper id XSS.Read more >>

The "Donation Plugin and Fundraising Platform" plugin before 2.3.1 for WordPress has wp-admin/edit.php csv XSS.Read more >>

The font-organizer plugin 2.1.1 for WordPress has wp-admin/options-general.php manage_font_id XSS.Read more >>

An issue was discovered in lib\cdt\dttree.c in libcdt.a in graphviz 2.40.1. Stack consumption occurs because of recursive agclose calls in lib\cgraph\graph.c in libcgraph.a, related to agfstsubg in lib\cgraph\subg.c.Read more >>

PDFDoc::markObject in in Poppler 0.74.0 mishandles dict marking, leading to stack consumption in the function Dict::find() located at, which can (for example) be triggered by passing a crafted pdf file to the pdfunite binary.Read more >>

Potential recycling of random numbers used in cryptography exists within PuTTY before 0.71.Read more >>

Multiple denial-of-service attacks that can be triggered by writing to the terminal exist in PuTTY versions before 0.71.Read more >>

In PuTTY versions before 0.71 on Windows, local attackers could hijack the application by putting a malicious help file in the same directory as the executable.Read more >>

In PuTTY versions before 0.71 on Unix, a remotely triggerable buffer overflow exists in any kind of server-to-client forwarding.Read more >>

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