Education & Training

Education & Training

Cyber Security Education & Training Courses

Security Policies & Procedures Review Security Awareness Programmes - all levels
Development of Employee Handbooks Social Engineering Programmes - all types
On/Off-site Education & Training Courses Phishing Resilience Programmes

ZeroDayLab® continues to drive exciting and innovative new programmes and services in Learning & Development with many new courses being made available.

Our standard training courses provide a complete range of security courses from Security Awareness Training to IT Security for Developers. Easy learning tools help drive better understanding, improved awareness and Continuous IT Security Improvement for your IT Security Team and throughout the organisation.

Tailormade Training

Key to a new training programme is evaluating the gaps. We increasingly provide on-site and off-site Social Engineering and Phishing Resilience Programmes to better understand your staff’s understanding and compliance to existing corporate policies and procedures and tailor training courses in response to the risk profile identified.

By working closely with our clients and clearly identifying needs-based requirements we deliver bespoke training that resonates and creates change within an organisation from the Executive Team, to the shop floor.

Latest Courses:

Our programmes, courses, documentation and management reporting are provided in multiple languages and training can be delivered as computer-based training or on-site in a more formal classroom - environment.

To discuss how you can develop your internal training programmes to support your overall IT Security Strategy, speak to our consultants today. We are happy to provide client references and client case studies on request.